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Dr. Hounchell's Theory of Life and Everything: Burrito

Today's Topic? Burritos.

Burritos, what do they mean?

They are a blanket that keeps your meat warm. Basically burritos were created by the pilgrims so they wouldn't have to touch their food with their grimy hands. That way a burrito is like a plate that keeps the black plague off of your meat.

Right? I'm right? Right?
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Poetic Review of That Netflix Movie I can't Remember the Title of

There were butterflies
And music to despise
A mom's child had died
And based on her mascara, she'd cried

But seriously, the music
Louder than the movie
It made me sick

The movie itself was helluvan original
But in the end, it was just eh?
Because it end, poof final
But the main character is in denial

It doesn't solve anything
It somehow makes it worse
Was this a horror movie, eh
Perhaps if it stayed on course

It fall into an indie genre
That ends on a realization
But watch out
Because you're going to be eaten
By the Canker Man

It function a lot like the Babadook
With a little less spook
You can see all the plot coming
Like it's sitting outside and humming

 Either way the moving didn't put me to sleep
I had fun watching it, I think

With this in mind
I give this movie a 3 out of 5.

6 Orginial Sentences About Rhinos

1. A Rhino can hold his breath in a bucket of cherry jello for nearly as long as a zebra can pretend to be a lumberjack.

2. When two rhinos, one grey, and one a little less grey fall in love, they have to go to the council of rhinos to get their love approved by the Most Grey of All Rhinos.

3. The Most Grey of All Rhinos once ate a ham and cheese burrito that was the size of a small Costa Rican Steelworker.

4. Costa Rica is without Rhinos and thus their economy suffers from a lack of horns and other horn-based atrocities.

5. If you see a rhino at Starbucks, don't attempt to get him to by an Earl Grey tea, because he may find this offensive.

6. Once the Most Grey of All Rhinos Thought that they may have seen a unicorn, but it was clearly just a Dairy Queen wearing a wig.

Never Give Up: A Poem

Never Give up
Never lose hope
Because soon as you let go
Where is the rope

As long as you hold
Even when weak
You'll find that thing
That you always seek

Hold onto that thought
Racing through your chest
don't let it go
And you might be the best

One finger on one hand
That's all you need to stay
As long as you hold on
It'll never float away

You'll never find peace
With a missing piece of mind
So go ahead
And be one of a kind

Writing Excerrrcise: Deep Breath

This exercise is simple. Just write a story in which all of the action or the majority of it takes place while the MC is holding their breath.

Why? Because I told you to, and this is my blog.

Just kidding, well, it is though. The answer is because it shows you how to work within time constraints, while also trying to explain the discomfort of the MS holding their breath. Slow your pacing down and show the action as opposed to recapping it.