Monday, October 16, 2017

Time: A Poem.

Time ticks 
Sucking time 
Tick of space 
Latched to your face 
Tick tick tick 
Where is the tock? 
Look to the clock. 
What time is on the wrist
Where does the continuum twist 
Mechanism of metal gears 
Ticking to represent your fear 
Tick tick tick 
Tock tock tock 
Circle circle circle 
Run back 
Face the front 
Do what you want 
Step forward 
The moment you are born 
A breath 
Of death 
Goes into your lungs 
And yet you haven't used your thumbs. 

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Poetic Movie Review of My Little Pony: The Movie

This movie isn't half bad 
As long as you remember it's for kids 
The characters are true 
To themselves and their friends 
The plot is thin 
If you can say it there 
But the concept of friendship? 
That's never bare 
There are new character galore 
And new places to explore 
The animation is a bit off putting 
Hey, you want some pudding? 
It's filled to the brim with music and references 
Just for the fans that are paying attention 
Though my theater was mostly empty 
I'm not afraid to be me 
You've got to be awesome 
And stand up for who you are 
With that in mind 
3.5 out of 5 stars

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Idea for the Evil in You

Want yo make a quick billion dollars?

This idea is great. What is it? It's an establishment where you cook your own meals! Sounds silly, right?

Well, the thing is... This place is a place where you don't have to clean up after yourself, and everything is already prepped. You have the right tools present already and you just have to pay an entrance fee.

That way so.wone buys things for you and you get the space you need without having to clean up.

Easy billion dollars.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Dr. Hounchell's Theory of Life and Everything: Death

Today's topic is death. People are afraid of death, but they are no afraid of heaven specifically. Even people who believe they have done hood things are afraid of death. People who don't believe in a religion are afraid too. But why?

The worst is could be is nothing? Why are people afraid of nothing. (Note the worst it could be is hell.) But people have long been afraid of nothing. People are afraid of darkness and it represents super nothing. But why?

I imagine the reason is because nothing represents an indescribable and impossible to understand idea. No one can imagine nothing, because it is nothing. That's why it is scared, because even the dead of space isn't nothing. 

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Wooden Duck: A Poem

The wooden duck on the file cabinet
What the f is it
The hell is it doing there
Is it trying to fly away
Eat my face today?
That wooden duck eats chips
Turns them into wood chips
That wooden duck, who is it?
Can it remember?
Can it forget?
Who the hell built this?
Is this needed?
Where will he go?
What could he know?
That wooden duck
Sitting there
What's his thought?
On anything
Can he still sing?
Sits in the office of a hunter
Without a single feather
His is mother aware
His she a tree or a duck
Which is which?
Was he a duck cursed by a witch
Either way he's dead
Lying there with a wooden head
Wondering when he will be gone
Sitting with his tree on the lawn
He's always going to be duck
No matter what
I'll still love him
Until his end

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

One Single Haiku

Sometimes I forget
To write a daily blog post
So I write haikus

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Dr. Hounchell's Theory of Life and Everything: Clouds

Today's topic: Clouds

Clouds? What are they? Are they actually just wisps of mist or are they something something much more sinister? Clearly the latter because... That's what this is about.

Clouds are clearly just a method for aliens... No no no. Last time it was aliens. Everything can't be about aliens. No, it's probably snake people. Snake People are hiding behind clouds. That's why snakes are shaped like rain drops.

Snakes are venomous, they are cumulus.

Monday, October 9, 2017

How to Stay Motivated

So, you're probably a writer or something. Why else would you read this blog on any kind of basis. Unless, you're actually an alien that is attempting to understand the English language. In which case, good luck.

How then, do you find the time to continue to write? Don't. Don't find time. Time is pretty straight forward unless you are moving faster than the speed of light.

More than likely you can't move faster than the speed of light. Granted maybe you can. But that would mean you're some kind of alien trying to understand English.

Regardless, you'll have to make time from scratch. You'll have to write a little bit at a time for a long period of time. Start a blog that you post to every Tuesday. Or pretend every day is Tuesday and the same thing.