Friday, December 15, 2017

Last: A Poem

The last of something
Is the start of something else
Life a circle
Even if you're a square

Things happen
They don't happen
They also happen

Life is a circle
Filled with hurdles
Round and round we go
Where we'll stop, nobody knows

A circle
A vulture
A circling vulture

He has to eat
So take a seat
It's the circle of life
Under the universal knife
Everything must die

Yes, that is not negative
Nor is it dark
Every beating of a heart
It has to stop

But when one stops
Another starts
Because life in never ending
This life isn't bought, it's lending

I take my breath's leave my mark
Pass down the beating of my heart
To a kid
After I'm dead

Me beats live on
In the life of song
Without my beats
We'd never has his

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Top 8 M&m Characters

1. Red.

Red is the best one, and no one can ever take that away from me.

2. Green

I mean she has an attitude and she seems fun. It was mint to be.

3. Orange

I just like him because he is a nervous wreck.

4. Brown

She's nekkid. Or so an ad made a joke about.

5. Blue

6. The pretzel from inside orange

Just... yes.

7. Santa

That Christmas ad has been running for approximately 300 years.

8. Yellow

Yellow is the worst. I hate yellow. I hate peanut M&Ms to be fair. No. No. No.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Dr. Hounchell's Theory of Life and Everything: Hot Pockets

Today's topic is Hot Pockets.

Hot Pockets are bread around a pocket of microwavable food stuffs.

But... Isn't that just a burrito. Hot Pocket has tricked us into buying burritos filled with strange non-sense. It's just a burrito.

It's just a burrito!!!!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Greatest Inventions Today: Villain TV

The villian TV is not a million dollar idea, but it is a painting in a brilliant looking gold frame. That is actually a TV.


Yo change the painting obviously. And it can be used to project anything else. That way you can change the painting to fit the mood.

Monday, December 11, 2017

The Door: A Poem

The door stands here
Separating my fear
Like water and oil
I'm safe from turmoil

Door made of oak
And I've never been choked
Not by a beast under my bed
Or by the madness in my head

The door is a butler
The hinge would concur
The door is a body guard
Like a castle's courtyard

The door is shut
Impervious to cuts
The door is steal
Cold, is all it feels

It's grey like the wall
Solid and all
Tight like my jacket
So I won't forget

Quiet like the moon
In my padded room
The door keeps me safe
From my own wraiths

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Dr. Hounchell's of Life and Everything: Roundabouts

Today's topic is roundabouts.

I have a theory that the circular set of road is designed for a purpose other than decongesting traffic. In fact, I believe it is made for people who use the archaic phrase 'roundabouts.' Which means, nearby or around.

This way, when you are going in a circle looking in each direction, while in a roundabout, you can look around to see your whereabouts and then you'll know roundabout where you need to be.

Maybe I'm wrong. Probably. But I have to have a theory, so I do.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

A Poem: A Poem

A poem is designed
To be refined
By a single eye
Staring staring until they die

A poem is meant to struggle
In a word jumble
It can be used as rope
But never as the joke

It can be used to form a cape
But it can never escape
A poem is meant to be trapped
And eventually untapped

It's potential wrapped in rhyme
And a poem can never lie
No, they sit and wait
And never depreciate

Poems are mean to breathe
To be trapped, never leave
In your head while you sleep
In your tears when you weep

A poem is a child
Even when mild
A poem needs nurture
To have it's own future

A poet is meant to bleed
With every page they read
A poem is meant to lose sight
With every word they write

A poet that is blind
Is one with a clear mind
A poem that is a kid
Will always live

Friday, December 8, 2017

Letters Never Meant to Be Read 2

Recently, I have had a byline published into a book called Letters Never Meant to be Read 2.

It is a collection of letters by several different authors and just letter writers. Anyone and everyone has a letter that needs to be written, but not read by that person.

Letters are a great way to express your feelings on any subject. Gravity, love, death, and even the letter Q.

Check it out and maybe write your own letter.